New Super Mario Brothers 2 is a game for the Nintendo 3DS published by Nintendo 


Like the other games in the Super Mario franchise, you play as Mario who goes on quest to save Princess Peach.

In the beginning cutscene Mario and Luigi are flying in Tannoki Suits collecting coins while Princess Peach watches. When they return, they see that Peach is missing, and they soon see the Koopalings kidnapping her.


Unlike other Super Mario Brothers games, there are only 6 worlds (excluding the 3 special worlds).

The aim of the game isn't to only you need to rescue Peach. There are special rewards for getting 999 lives and 1,000,000 coins. 

Coin dash

Coin dash is a minigame in NSMB2. You get to play several levels with white tanooki suits on. The aim of this is to collect as many coins as possible.